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About Relatively Responsible

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Section93 Image1 Jeff_sm
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Jeff Godfrey, Sustainable E-commerce Consultant

Jeff is an innovator and leader in the sustainable e-commerce field.

He is are here to help you increase your sales, improve customer satisfaction and decrease your environmental impacts.

  • Over 15 years experience in web technologies. 
  • Earned a Premier's award for agri-innovation in 2013.
  • Over 11 years experience in E-commerce and Web Design.
  • Master's Degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Waterloo
  • Commerce and Computer Science Degree from Laurentian University

Check out Jeff's Research on Sustainable E-commerce at ResearchGate.

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Our Mission and Vision

In every market we enter, our goal is to have a lower environmental impact than our competitors. We will help our clients grow profits, improve functionality and ease of use while minimizing their environmental impacts. Our goal is to gradually reduce the environmental impacts of modern society and technology through intelligent design and conservation practices.

At Relatively Responsible, we understand the concepts of trade-offs and help companies move towards sustainability by lowering the impact of their technology, reducing costs and earning more profit as well as providing social benefits.

We work with clients that are willing to move towards more economically, environmentally and socially responsible practices in their business. 

Section18 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform
Section18 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform
Section18 Image1 Eco Green Website Platform

Start working with us today to maximize your profit and minimize carbon footprint.